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CAIQ EBN Traceability

The Edible Bird’s Nest Enquiry Traceability and Management Service Platform
  • Main aim is to allow continuous traceability of Edible Bird’s Nest (EBN) products from raw materials to consumers (for EBN directly imported into China).
  • Specifically designed by the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine (CAIQ)
  • To facilitate CAIQ’s product traceability labels for Malaysian EBN processing enterprises which have obtained Certification and Accreditation Administration of PR China (CNCA)registration.
How does this Management Service Platform work?
  • Each individual unit of EBN product will be affixed with a CAIQ product traceability label which has been assignment with a set of unique codes and features equivalent to a digital security certificate.
  • Facilitates the administration of inspection and quarantine during importation.
  • Allows consumers to access information and registration details of the particular EBN product through the platform (ebn.caiq.org.cn)
  • Helps consumers verify and confirm the authenticity of EBN products.
How to trace?

With mobile phones
  1. Download any QR scanner application on your mobile phone.
  2. Scan the two dimensional code to retrieve information.
With internet browser
  1. Log on to www.ebn.caiq.org.cn.
  2. Look for 输入燕窝码 column on the right side of the webpage.
  3. Key in the 16 digits traceability code below the two dimensional code on the CAIQ sticker to retrieve information.