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About Us

From humble beginnings in swiftlet nest farming, SunshineNest® is today an integrated swiftlet nest producer with our own swiftlet nest farms, full-fledged processing facilities and retail outlets. Keen to change the perception that bird's nest is a delicacy that is consumed only by the wealthy or is reserved for special ocassions, SunshineNest® now offers bird's nests that are not only of excellent quality, but at an affordable price that everyone can enjoy and consume on a daily basis.

Committed to giving our consumers the best, SunshineNest® bird's nests are 100% pure with no chemicals, bleaching agents, preservatives, flavourings or colourings used throughout the entire cleaning process. After the bird's nests have been harvested, our skillful workers painstakingly and diligently clean the bird's nests, whilst being mindful of preserving the natural aroma and active ingredients of the bird's nests. The bird's nests are then air-dried to achieve maximum dryness, which prevents bacterial/mould infections, before each piece is individually-packed for easy handling and to ensure it remains in pristine, hygienic condition.
The SunshineNest® Advantage

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CAIQ EBN Traceability

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